Running as a Team

Running as a Team!

Running is a healthy component for all sports, activities and job requirements. In the spirit of community cohesiveness, we encourage all our local groups to participate and compete together in this Signature Riverside Event!

  • Choose/Create a Team/ Group Name (For example, neighborhood groups, sports teams, business departments, etc. etc. etc.)
  • Gather a Group of 5 or More Runners!
  • Notify & Register
    • Register Your Group by Mail (Mission Inn Run Team Registration Form 2014) … select the option suited for your team. Prices are only valid for groups of 5 or more. You can send the registrations individually, as long as they all have the same team name on them.
    • Or Register on as a team. Just make sure your team leader registers your group name and all additional registrants use that same group name!
    • Let us know if you have questions by contacting Stephanie Starbuck at 951-781-8241 or email
    • We also announce all our teams/groups at the race.
  • Build Momentum
    … establish training routines, group colors/shirts, challenge more groups … but most imporantly, have fun!

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