A Special Gift

The Mission Inn Run Team is always happy to hear MIR participants’ run stories. Here is a great one sent by Phil Orr!


God has given me a gift! I Love to run and have done so competitively for 40 years. The Mission Inn Run has been a big part of that and I love to see the community come out together year after year.  It reminds me of what is good in America when people are supporting and encouraging each other, and even people they’ve never met. This is one of the ways the Mission Inn Run brings out the best in Riverside!  I’ve seen it over the course of the 28 Mission Inn Races I’ve run  in 18 years (10 times I’ve run 2 races).  At 51 years of age, my fastest days are behind me and I don’t expect to run with the elite runners anymore. But, I still come out with my family to compete and I still love to encourage others to run and reach their goals in running and in life. If you have the discipline to run, you have the discipline to achieve anything. Running can keep you happy and healthy, and Riverside has a great community of runners. A large percentage of them weren’t even born when I first laced up my shoes or when the Mission Inn Run first started, but they are joining the legacy and passing it forward! This is the one racing event I most look forward to each year with my wife Mindy and the one I’ve run more times than any other.


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