A Gentleman’s Motivation

It’s nice to hear awesome running stories. Especially from our young runners and participants of the event. We received an wonderful story from last week expecerience at the 36th Annual Run and here is what Mason Zhu told us!


At the 36th Annual Run!

My name is Mason Zhu and I am from Riverside. I am 16 and I completed the half marathon at the Mission Inn Run on November 10, 2013. I only started to run at the beginning of this summer in 2013 and so it has only been a few months since I actually started running. I achieved 71st place overall and 12th in my age division. I feel like this is an outstanding accomplishment for me considering that I have only been running for about 3-4 months!
The Mission Inn Run is fantastic! What inspired me and pushed me to keep finishing the race even though I had cramps on my feet and stomach was a man, a gentleman. He was not young, but he had a very young heart and enthusiastic personality. I started hearing phrases like “Woot, you go girl!” and “You can do it, come on!” every single time someone would pass by him. I stuck out my thumb to him and said “You’re a wonderful person, keep it up!” He said one thing, “Stick with me!” On the last 5 miles of the course, when I thought I could not handle any more pain and tiredness, I did what he told me to do. I stuck with him and luckily, I achieved an outstanding time on my first ever half marathon and this is all thanks to him.
People like that one gentleman make the whole race better, not only for everyone else but also himself. He is my inspiration!


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