Determination and Perseverance

We love to hear the running stories that our Mission Inn Run participants sends us!

This is Shawna House’s Story.


I run because people told me I would never be the same again. Almost 3 years ago I shattered my ankle and broke my fibula in 2 places. I had to learn to walk again! When people tried to tell me my leg would never be the same. I made it a personal goal to go beyond what I thought was possible. I refused to listen to those who said I could not. I never ran before my injury. So I decided to be more than I ever thought possible. From learning to walk, jump and run again I proved to myself and others that with determination and perseverance you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I completed my first 5k earlier this year and ran another in the summer. The mission Inn race WILL be my 3rd race this year. I run because they said I could not and I knew I could!!!!



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