3 Key Running Techniques to Improve Your Race Performance

Today is Workout Wednesday! We found a great article from Active.com that teaches three different techniques to improve your performance. Take your training to the next level. Whether you’re a new or veteran runner, these techniques can help you increase your efficiency and shave off time.


Below are the three types of techniques you can use.


A breaker is perhaps the most feared competitor in long-distance running. A breaker has the ability to change gears within the middle of a training workout or racing effort. It may seem hard to learn how to do this, but it’s actually one of the easiest techniques to teach.


No doubt every runner reading this column has been the victim of a kicker. Kickers typically pounce with a few hundred meters to go and drop the pacers like a bad habit. Fear not pacers and those in doubt of their finishing speed, kickers are both born and can be made.


A pacer is a runner who can maintain a steady tempo from the beginning of an effort to its conclusion. They feel comfortable being the runner who dictates the rhythm for a group of runners. Pacers also have an excellent kinesthetic feel for that critical 88 to 94 percent of max heart rate zone, which falls within most runners’ effort zone for 5Ks to half marathons

To find out how to become a successful BREAKER, KICKER or PACER visit Active.com article’s webpage HERE. There you will be given detailed information on each technique.

Article written by Pete Rea 


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