My Run Story

The Mission Inn Foundation loves to hear what motivated individuals to take part of the Mission Inn Run.

We received an inspirational story from Roselle Martinez.

This is what she said:

I’ve been running since college back in ’96. I used to run just for myself cause it made me feel good now I’m running with a different meaning. Back on Oct 14, 2010 we had our 3rd little baby girl, Reagan. She wasn’t like the last 2 girls we had. We soon found at the 20week ultrasound that things weren’t going as planned. We found out Reagan had what is called Polymicrogyria-many small folds in the brain. With that stems Cerebral Palsy. She also daily suffers from seizures. She wears a thumb splint and wear bilateral AFO’s (foot braces). She has global developmental delays. She has reflux, high and low tone in different parts of her body and she wears glasses-prior to that she had cataract removal surgery on both lenses. She’s very unpredictable with health-she could be fine and eating one day then the next be on a throwing up spree. She’s got all kinds of doctor appointments and specialists and receives therapy 2x a week. And she’s non-verbal AND non-mobile. She relies on others carrying her or being transported in a stroller or her newest piece of equipment- her wheelchair. She doesn’t have the freedom and ability to run, much less to walk and move…so I’ve made it my mission to BE her legs and feet…to run for her. Each run/race I do is dedicated to her. I’m her feet. Since she can’t run, I run for her. It’s like all my hashtags on Instagram #Run4Rea. You’ll see me wearing this shirt on race day. I’ll be running till I can’t run anymore…knowing it’s all for my daughter. I’m running to make a difference. I’m running for those who can’t. Running for Rea.



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