Mission Inn Run Spotlight: Jaylene Welch

The Search For Something More

May 1, 2010.  To some it was just another day, but to Jaylene Welch, it was a just the beginning of a journey that would so seemingly become the path that lead to a brand new life.

Since Jaylene was a teenager, she has been obese, and instead of turning to a friend or a family member, she turned to food to comfort herself from the abuse she endured at the hands of her father.  Obesity was not uncommon within her family, being that her mother was very obese herself, and the classic yo-yo dieter.  Jaylene’s mother constantly worried about her weight, telling her, “don’t get fat!”, and the pressures only added to Jaylene’s already non-existent self-esteem.  Mother like daughter, Jaylene began yo-yo dieting, and one time she even went to an extreme of wiring her jaw shut.  The so called solutions constantly failed, and her weight went up and down like a roller coaster, where she would lose it, then gain it back.  It became so much of a burden, that Jaylene quit trying.

When all hope was seemingly lost, Jaylene met this woman named, De’Anna Nunez, the founder of The Mind Body Fit Club. De’Anna invited Jaylene to a “Burn Your Fat Pants” event, where she talked about her struggles, and how she overcame them through soul searching. De’Anna even talked about how our negative self-thoughts are somewhat influenced by others, the importance of boosting one’s self-esteem, making healthier eating choices, and getting motivated to exercise.

Jaylene never felt more motivated to begin a more healthier style of living.  She knew it was not going to be easy, but she was willing to put in all the hard work necessary.  On May 1, 2010, her journey began, where she experienced a great level of gain and loss.  Jaylene gained self-confidence, determination, and new fit friends, while losing over 105 pounds, which she never in her wildest dreams could have imagined.  Since then, she has ran 5ks, 10ks, 15ks, 4 Sprint Triathlons, and 7 half marathons.  Her very first event was a sprint triathlon at 227 pounds, where she came in dead last, with a four police car escort, but she finished.  She also did the Mission Inn 10k in 2010, and half marathon in 2011, where she holds her fastest times for her career in half marathons.   Jaylene describes 2010 as the best year of her life!  Jaylene and her sister  have been so inspired running all these events, that they are now trying to put together their own event company called, CIC-Events.  Through this, they want to help encourage other men and women who are overweight, and show them that they can do it too.

Jaylene sees herself as imperfectly perfect, beautiful in her flaws, chaotic, fearless, a beautiful disaster, and has the ability to prove herself through hard work and dedication.  To us, she is a fighter, courageous and passionate, and most of all, an inspiration.  Her advice to all of you is to not wait for the perfect body to start, but to get that body by doing it.  There will be adversity and discomfort at first, but if you keep pushing yourself, the health and fitness will follow.  If running is not your cup of tea, find an alternative(s); elliptical, walking, stairmaster, biking, etc.  We all have to start somewhere, and it is important to stay positive, and remember it is not an overnight process, it takes time, but it is well worth it.

More information…

If you would like to check out her website —>  www.cic-events.com

Here is also a video of her weightloss journey!


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