Life’s a Beach

let’s go to the beach, beach….

Today is such a beautiful day, and it is perfect beach weather.  I know the beach is the place to go where people want to relax, walk the pier, ride some waves, or tan, but it could also be used as a place for you to become more active.  Trust me, everything is so much more enjoyable and tolerable when the ocean is in your view.  Have the crashing of the waves be your soundtrack, and the ocean breeze carry you along the shore.  Here are a list of active, yet fun activities to do at the beach:

1.  Rent Bikes (or take your own)

A great way to relax and enjoy the view, while staying active.  Riding bikes is also a great group activity, so get a group of friends and go!

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2.  Beach Volleyball

If you are looking for a great workout, this is your cup of tea.  Having to run or dive for the ball in the sand is a little more of a challenge, but it is worth it.  You can go to the beach and play pick up volleyball with others, and it is also a great social game.

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3.  Frisbee

Get the frisbee out and challenge your friends and family to a game.  Great way to get the competitive juices flowing or even socialize, while staying active.  Be creative with it!

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4.  Run along the shoreline or boardwalk

Obviously, running is a great way to stay active, and if you feel like ditching the treadmill or the streets, then I suggest you try running along the shoreline (which could be a little more difficult, because of the sand, but will make you work harder) or the boardwalk.

courtesy of Google


5.  Boogie boarding/ surfing

I suggest that if you have never surfed before, then you should try boogie boarding first.  Having to swim/paddle out into the ocean is such tough work, but once you catch a wave, it makes it all worth it.  Please take the proper precautions when surfing or boogie boarding (stay out of the way of the more advanced surfers).


*Remember to make sure you apply sunscreen (as well as reapply appropriately), stay hydrated, and most of all, have fun!


P.s. Remember to Register for the Mission inn Run if you haven’t done so already.  Register Here 🙂


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